Line Depping B. 1978, furniture designer
Line Depping’s work springs from considerations of function and use. For Line Depping, it is crucial to see a good reason to create a new piece of furniture; an opportunity to add something to an object that expands its usefulness.
Her ideas for new designs often spring from observations of people and culture. The way we live. Her expression is simple, and her emphasis on function also involves making room for disorder in order to accommodate the messy and chaotic aspects of life. The form should be natural and well-proportioned and thus appeal to the user and make room for use.
Line Depping has a special focus on materials. She mainly works with wood but often adds other materials to provide a counterpoint to the wood. By combining different materials she achieves a field of tension between the textural qualities of the materials.



+45 25322507


Strandgade 27C mellemgangen, 1401 KBH K

CV   Line Depping 



2018- Teaching assistent KADK

2016-    Collaboration with Skagerak

2012-    Collaboration with HAY and Wrong for Hay

2012-18 Work at the development studio at Hay

2011-    Collaboration with Galerie Maria Wettergren

2011    Interior design for Danish Crafts together withIda Anesdatter Schmidt

2008-12    Assistent for Cecilie Manz

2006    Assistent for Hotel Pro Forma, on the play Sandbarnet TM



2018 HalstrømOdgaardDeppingJørgensen, A.Petersen collection, award from The danish art council

2015    Finn Juhl prize together with Jakob Jørgensen

2015    3 year working grant from the danish arts council together with Jakob Jørgensen

2013    Wood box experience for SE 2013, award from The danish art council

2011    1st prize in Bodum Design Awardtogether with Jakob Jørgensen

2010    Splejs for SE 2010, award from The danish art council

2010    The exhibition 'Designers Investigating' award from The danish art council

2007    ‘Premio Vico Magistretti’ arranged by Depadova and Designboom. 1st prize

2005    Sydform curated exhibition, award for Maple Stool.



2018 SE18, MONO

2018 DesignBasel with Galerie Maria Wettergren, Fan

2018     HalstrømOdgaardDeppingJørgensen, A.Petersen collection

2017     Everyday life, 21st century museum kanazawa

2017     SE17, Side by side outside. Bench ‘come together’ 

2016    SE16, Black, together with Jakob Jørgensen

2015    Mindcraft15, milano, together with Jakob Jørgensen

2014    Dwell on design, NY

2014    Mindcraft14, milano.

2013    London Design week, Launch of Frame table and Bench, Hook and Everyday objects.

2013    Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling 'Opbevaring', Designmuseum Danmark.

2012    Ampersand House, bruxelles, in collaboration with Danish Crafts

2012    Danish Crafts 'Mindcraft12' , milano.

2012    'Uncovered12', Milano Design Week, group of international designers.

2011    Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling. 'Min 30 års fødselsdag'

2011    Bodum Design Award, Lousiana, sammen med Jakob Jørgensen

2011    Danish Crafts 'Mindcraft11' , milano.

2010    Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling 'Whiteout', Ordrupgaard, Tokyo, London, Riga.

2010    'Designers Investigating' Øksnehallens foyer. Curated together with Ida Schmidt and Christina L.  Halstrøm.

2010    'Uncovered' HAY house, Code2010.

2010    'Skud på stammen', Code2010.

2010    'Direktorenhaus' Galleri i Berlin. Exhibited'Stilllife' 

2010    'Uncovered', Milano Design Week, group of international designers.

2010    GreenHouse på Stockholm Furniture Fair together with Jakob Jørgensen

2009    Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling, 'En stol til forhandling' Flex

2009    ‘Pudekamp!’ Officinet together with Ida Anesdatter Schmidt and Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm.

2008    Via,  Maple Stool‘Growing Materials’

2007    DePadova, Milano

2007    ‘Made in Denmark’ 100% futures, London, Maple stool



2007    Graduated from Danmarks Designskole, furniture department.

2006    Exchange Design Academy Eindhoven.